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Gosh. Long time no post.

I'm still here. And I'm still writing. Posted a bit of the usual recently.

Hope you're all well. Miss you. Sorry for absence. I simply couldn't keep tabs on my different mes.

I'll be talking about gay sex in a mo, but first ... Holidays at last! It's been a hard slog recently, but rewarding. But I should at last have time to write.


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Happy birthday to you, my wonderful friend! So sorry I can't be with you to reap more madness and mayhem!

Have a fabulous day with lots of cake and bubbles!


Something for a Sunday

I realised today that I had never written a single scene with the 69 position. Weird. I really am not sure why. I mean, it's logistically hard anyway, but that doesn't mean you can't make it work in writing. After all, I've made other logistically near-impossible things possible in writing.

Anyway, a story came to me in which I could include said position. It's a bit silly and funny and I hope you like it. I missed Severus. It was nice writing for him again.

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, *cough, cough* ladyraettawy *cough, cough*, introduced me to the game 2048, or rather, the saucy Tom Hiddleston edition. This became a near obsession of mine. I couldn't stop playing it, and in another life I shall take my vengeance on the nameless friend *cough, cough* ladyraettawy *cough, cough* by making her sit up watching endless repeats of ... something really dull that I can't think of just now and eating Eat Me dates.

Anyway, it says at the top of the game - 'Make your own 2048'. I stared at this for a few weeks and thought, Don't even go there. But I was curious. Could I do it? Would it work? Who would I choose? (Duh.)

So, just out of curiosity as to whether or not it would work, I went ahead and clicked on it. Using the Hook pics from my Photobucket account, I pasted the links in. And - hey! What do you know?  - it worked!

My apologies for the darkness of the images, their lack of contrast, and the fact that they don't move, but, let's face it, he's still very, very nice to look at, even when you're chasing his face around a screen. Go on. Have a go.

Captain Hook 2048.

Oh, and I updated Entrancing Wendy! I know! Miracles do happen! It's up to Chapter 20 now, but the link takes you to the beginning.

(And there's that other thing too, if you're in the mood - Out of the Storm. Thanks in advance.)


Life has been busy, what with work, family and trying to find a little time for myself. I've missed the banter on here and hope you are all enjoying life as much as possible.

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Hi there. Sorry it's been so long. I seem to have spread myself so thin across social media that it is hard to keep up with everything. I hope everyone is well and that life is treating you well.

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Okay, having a moment.

You know I like cricket. You know I like hot men. You know I like vintage.

I mean ... oh dear Lord above, I can barely breathe.

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Happy holidays

It's raining in England. A lot. And there's a lot of wind to go with it. It was in these delightful conditions that I ventured out to finish my Christmas shopping. In jeans. Bad, bad move. Wet jeans. Not pleasant.

Anyway, I finished my Christmas shopping, had a cuppa, put my feet up, intended to work on something that may bring in a little (with the stress on little) bit of money.

But I wrote this instead. And bloody glad I am of it. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

So here you go. A little Christmas pressie from me to you (if you're that way inclined ;-)  )

It's got Severus, Hermione and a round ball. Yes! They've just won Strictly Come Dancing! No! Sorry! How did that get in there!!?? Ignore that last bit. But it does involve Severus, Hermione and a round ball.


Hope you are all well. Happy birthday to all those people with birthdays coming up! There seem to be loads of you! Yay! You get to drink double the champagne of the rest of us!


Here we go again


I'm on them! No more work until early January. Last few weeks of work at this time of year are always completely frantic and crazy so I am currently a bit of a blob.

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